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VaporKote has received a recent influx of orders for our aluminizing process on stainless steel wire cloth to be used inside refinery and chemical plant hydrocrackers, hydrodesulphurizers, and reformers where high temperature corrosion is a constant threat to equipment reliability. Our aluminizing process (also known as calorizing or alonizing) enhances steel components with a powerful corrosion resistant intermetallic diffusion layer, providing resistance against sulfidation, oxidation, and carburization.

As one of the first U.S. providers of the aluminizing process, VaporKote has helped solve these problems for over 25 years. It comes as no surprise that customers are trusting our long term experience to generate long lasting results. Aluminized stainless steel wire cloth is a specialty of VaporKote. Contact us today regarding your next project.

Stainless steel wire cloth

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