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Hot on the heels of a week long trip to meet with Houston clients, VaporKote is avidly pursuing valve applications for boronizing.

Pictured above are ASTM A182, Grade F22 (2-1/4 Cr, 1 Mo alloy steel) valve seat returns were wearing out at the 996 thru holes due to the erosive conditions from the process. Boronizing proved to be the most practical way to solve this wear problem since all holes and inner dimensions were coated, leaving no area unprotected. The resulting surface hardness of 1500 Knoop (RC75+ equivalency) is much harder than the media being processed.

Line of sight based surface treatments like plasma sprays cannot protect critical areas affected by wear due to the unique geometry of many valves. Boronizing does not rely on line of sight because it is a diffusion process – the boron vapor distributes uniformly throughout the surface of the component – so re-entrant surfaces and holes are protected throughout.

Anticipated process down time was reduced significantly due to the increase in life of these boronized valve seats.

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