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Heat Exchanger Tubing

VaporKote is currently aluminizing a large quantity of 1.5-inch diameter heat exchanger tubing to prevent high-temperature corrosion. Both the inside and outside of the tubes were aluminized for this application via vapor deposition to ensure all surfaces were protected. The tubes shown above are loaded in a retort packed with our proprietary aluminum powder mix. This retort is then sealed for a high-temperature furnace run where aluminizing takes place. The result is a tube with enhanced surface properties that can now resist the corrosion. aluminized heat exchanger tubing is very cost effective and helps increase tubing life.

Heat exchanger tubing is very commonly used in industry. Basically heat exchanger tubing is used where Two fluids, of different starting temperatures, flow through the heat exchanger. One flows through the tubes (the tube side) and the other flows outside the tubes but inside the shell (the shell side) of the heat exchanger. Heat is transferred from one fluid to the other through the tube walls, either from tube side to shell side or vice versa. The fluids can be either liquids or gases on either the shell or the tube side. In order to transfer heat efficiently, a large heat transfer area should be used, leading to the use of many tubes. In this way, waste heat can be put to use.

Aluminize your heat exchange tubing to extend its useful life. Because the heat exchanger tubing can be subjected to extreme temperatures, corrosion can become an issue. This can cause the heat exchanger tubing to suffer from increased corrosion rates, reducing its useful life. By aluminizing the heat exchanger tubing this greatly reduces the rate of corrosion extending the useful lives of the components.

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