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  • REFINERY CRUDE UNITS AND VACUUM UNITS – Furnace tubes, transfer pipe, and trays for protection from napthenic acid corrosion from 400 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • REFINERY HYDROCRACKERS AND HYDRODESULPHURIZER UNITS – Heater tubes, stainless catalyst reactor screen, wire cloth and baskets to reduce scaling from sulfidation.
  • REFINERY DELAYED COKER, VISEBREAKERS, ETHYLENE PYROLYSIS FURNACES – Tubes, furnace parts and burner assemblies to prevent coke buildup and carburization resistance at 1150 degree Fahrenheit and higher.
  • SULFUR AND SULFURIC ACID PLANTS – Steel piping, tubing, catalyst trays, nickel alloy burner assemblies for resistance to hot H2S, SO2 and SO3 corrosion.
  • GAS PLANTS USING CLAUS TECHNOLOGY – Reactor and support grating and tubing for H2S, SO2and O2 resistance.
  • INDUSTRIAL FURNACE COMPONENTS – Thermocouple protection tubes, thermowells, heat treating and furnace fixtures, and burner nozzles.
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