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Advantages of Boron and Boron Diffusion

  • Powder borne process – not line of sight, so no areas inaccessible
  • Forms strong metallurgical bonded surface alloys – not mechanical bonds
  • Uniform diffusion case depths are controllable by thermochemical reactions
  • Less costly base metals VaporKoted outperform more costly untreated materials
  • No voids at diffusion zone – 100% dense
  • Boronized surfaces can be secondary machined if needed
  • Versatile – masking of nontreated surface areas for ease of machinability
  • Cost effective for large or small parts – batch operation
  • Masked surfaces of boron treated parts can be welded
  • Environmentally safe – no toxic waste generated from process

Because of the many advantages of boron, many industries rely on it to protect their critical components. Boronizing is also called boriding. These terms can be used interchangeably. Contact us today to see how VaporKote can help your company with all its Boriding (Boronizing) needs.

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