Aluminizing Steel Heat Exchanger Tubing

VaporKote is currently aluminizing a large quantity of 1.5 inch diameter heat exchanger tubing to prevent high temperature corrosion. Both the inside and outside of the tubes were aluminized for this application via vapor deposition to ensure all surfaces were protected. The tubes shown above are loaded in a retort packed with our proprietary aluminum powder […]

Boronizing Valves – Total Coverage

Hot on the heels of a week long trip to meet with Houston clients, VaporKote is avidly pursuing valve applications for boronizing. Pictured above are ASTM A182, Grade F22 (2-1/4 Cr, 1 Mo alloy steel) valve seat returns were wearing out at the 996 thru holes due to the erosive conditions from the process. Boronizing […]

Boronizing Oil Drilling Tools – Downhole Equipment Advances for Enhanced Life

Drilling companies rely on VaporKote’s boronizing process to protect their equipment in the oil fields. Boronized oil drilling tools are showing substantial life improvement due to the increased strength provided by our boron gas diffusion coatings. Boronizing provides superior abrasion and corrosion resistance over conventional heat treatments like carburizing, nitriding, and thermal sprays such as plasma and HVOF. Since boronizing does […]

Corrosion Resistant Aluminized Fasteners

VaporKote’s aluminized fasteners are providing the solution to corrosion problems on hydroprocessing units. Stainless steel fasteners tend to corrode at high temperatures inside hydrocracker reactors and on related units. This is due to the oxidation, sulfidation and carburization problems associated with these service environments.  VaporKote’s proprietary aluminum diffusion process prevents this corrosion. The aluminized fasteners are easy to disassemble […]

Fiber Cement Tooling That Lasts Longer: VK Boronized Collars

Due to the abrasiveness of the fiber cement, our client’s chrome plated and hardened tool steel collars were wearing out rapidly, especially at the areas where raised lettering left an imprint on the products manufactured. They approached us looking for a solution to this wear issue, and our boronizing process proved to be successful at […]

U.S. EIA 2014 Refinery Capacity Report Released Today

Each year, the U.S. Energy Information Administration collects data from the U.S. refineries on operable and production capacity. The 2014 report released today includes data through January 1, 2014. It can be viewed and downloaded at the EIA’s website via this link: 2014 Refinery Capacity Report VaporKote is proud to have applied its boronizing (boriding) […]

VaporKote Boronized Wear Rings Prevent Pump Degradation

Why settle for standard wear rings that will require replacement in order to keep a pump operating at maximum efficiency? VaporKote manufactured boron hardened wear rings are custom designed to withstand wear and tear for 3 times as long as untreated rings. When combined with a boronized impeller, pump casing, and cover the entire pump assembly is […]

Boronized Spray Nozzles for Emissions Unit Reach Unsurpassed Service Life

VaporKote boronized its first set of wet gas scrubber spray nozzles for a Texas refinery nearly five years ago.  They are still running today. Before our surface enhancement, these high-end nozzles were wearing out after two or three years in service and installation of replacements required costly unplanned shutdowns that lowered operational efficiency. The first VaporKoted set […]

New Furnace Expansion Completed

A busy turnaround season this Spring had our larger furnaces running practically nonstop. We knew it was time to add a third furnace for our gas diffusion processes on high quantity orders of smaller sized components. We are happy to report that construction is now complete and the new furnace is fully operational! With the completion of this […]

Aluminized Stainless Steel Wire Cloth Providing Superior Corrosion Resistance

VaporKote has received a recent influx of orders for our aluminizing process on stainless steel wire cloth to be used inside refinery and chemical plant hydrocrackers, hydrodesulphurizers, and reformers where high temperature corrosion is a constant threat to equipment reliability. Our aluminizing process (also known as calorizing or alonizing) enhances steel components with a powerful corrosion resistant intermetallic diffusion layer, […]